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About Boomer and The Beard Radio Show

Formerly The Hometown Heartbeat, Boomer and The Beard is a local podcast-turned-radio-show that focuses on the construct and concept of hometown. We each have a hometown, a place where we learned how to drive, had our first love, and learned right from wrong. Your hometown is the very foundation upon which you became the person you are today. With that being said, hometown has become, for me at least, more of an idea than a geographic location. It’s the place where everyone knows your name and the grocery store is not just where you show for sustenance, but a place you see friends, And wave at neighbors. It’s where the beauty shop is a better source of information than the internet and where church is where you go to find all the answers. In that way, Hometown Heartbeat is a place for all people to find a piece of their own hometown. We are the finger on the pulse of all things America from the viewpoint of small-town America. We are, Hometown Heartbeat: The Pulse of Americana.
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