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About The Beard, Zach Walker

Your bearded host, Zach Walker, is a serial entrepanuer that never imagined, in a million years, that a podcast started by the Coronavirus, and the people need for content, would wind up on the radio. With all that said, it’s certainly not come as a surprise to anyone that knows him. From a young age, talking a lot has never been anything he’s struggled to do, whether hes had an audience or not. After pursuing a baseball scholarship and spending many years chasing the next great idea, Zach found purpose in his life in 2014, when his life was radically transformed by the Gospel, and he and his wife relocated back home to North Alabama. In business, Zach is the Founder of Cotton Row companies, where he and partner Keith Rowe manage many ventures pertaining to real estate, development and interior design. They always keep an eye out for new, and profitable ventures, where they can invest in young entrepaneurs. Encouraging dreamers to dream is something they greatly enjoy, and often invest in other small businesses, and the people associated with them.

At home, Zach is married to his best friend Ashley, who is a physical therapist, and is the first-person Zach’s known to actually know more people than he does, as she’s helped many people here in Limestone County. Together, they have a 4 yr old son, Zaiden, who changed their lives forever. They love being outside, camping, riding bikes, and spending time in Honduras and Nicaragua on mission trips. They attend Lifepoint Church in Decatur where Zach serves as the livestream broadcast director.


Boomer and The Beard, formerly The Hometown Heartbeat, is a show that will not shy away from our belief that all people are sinful, and in need of a savior. This belief comes, not from childrens bible story book, but from personal experience. I, Zach Walker, host of hometown heartbeat, lived a life a part from God. While he was raised in a religious home, and attended a Christian school, his life looked nothing like what he professed with his mouth. At the age of 27, rock bottom looked like an upgrade from where I was standing. I had let the world convince me that I could find my happiness and fulfillment in my success as a baseball player, substances, immorallity, or literally anything temporary. My wife, in her great obedience and faith, led me to a faith in Christ that radically transformed my life, both in the short term, and eternally. On my show, we will not shy away from who God is, and how each of us need an individual faith in, and a personal relationship with King Jesus. If you have any questions about the God of the Bible, and how you may enter into an obedient relationship with Him, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Connor Higgins, Producer

Connor Higgins is a senior at Athens High School and is often referred to the beards right arm. On most days, Zach wouldn’t know the difference between his bum and a hole in the ground if not for Connor. Connor is also the smartest guy in the room, regardless of the room he is in. He was also on the TV show who wants to be a millionaire, although as you might imagine, since he's here, producing this show, he did not win a million dollars. Connor likes long walks on the beach and wheatgrass smoothies.
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